Girls, girls, girls! Theres little thats more synonymous with Las Vegas than beautiful girls, unless, of course, its more beautiful girls.

While many of these stunning women populate the stages of the citys lavish production shows and showrooms, Clint Carvalho, president and CEO of TopBird Entertainment, Inc. had an idea a several years ago that intrigued and appealed to the management of the spanking new Mandalay Bay Resort. The concept was simple: bring together beautiful young ladies and colorful, free-flying tropical birds to create an exciting, interactive and continuous show with hotel guests and visitors throughout the hotels main public areas.

"I wanted to create mini shows that could happen at any moment and for a longer period of time than a static, staged show,"


says Clint. "After performing for one group of spectators, the girls and birds would move on and another group would gather for another spontaneous show. With four to six bird girls working at any given time, the end result is a huge party with 2,000 people or more spread over several hours. The client gets amazing value for the money, and the especially beautiful part is that nobody misses the show."

From the outset, Clint insisted that the Bird-Girls present shows that are fun, informative and interactive. Clint was also careful to see that the girls be performers in their own right before introducing them to the birds. "That was very important to me," he says. "I wanted a special rapport among the girls, the birds and the audiences. I didnt want just bird handlers."

The spectators sense this, of course, and have a ball as the birds fly, land on shoulders or arms, swing by their beaks, give kisses, cuddle like babies in childrens arms, sing, talk and entertain with other unique un-birdlike behaviors. But the Bird-Girls also educate as they talk about the birds, their unique personalities, their feathers and their training and maintenance. Best of all, however, is the fact that everyone can get right up close and be a participant with the birds and the girls, and that is an education in itself and one of the features that makes TopBird Entertainments Bird-Girl program so innovative and unique.

Every good show has a climax, of course, and the Bird-Girls performance has a real clincher:  at the end of the show the Bird-Girls tell their audiences that each of those very birds who have just performed, been held, cuddled, kissed and flown free was at one time abused, abandoned or someone elses nightmare and has been rehabilitated through Clints bird sanctuary and rehabilitation program. "People are blown away by this," he says.

With the enormous success of the Mandalay Bay Bird-Girl program, the Bird-Girls and their feathered friends became the resorts mascots and Bird-Girls soon were in constant demand for other Las Vegas hotels, theme parks, conventions, corporate and special events."The concept is perfect for almost any place where there is high volume foot traffic and especially great for grand openings or any other function at which people are coming over a period of time no one will miss anything."

While beautiful girls will always be synonymous with Las Vegas, at TopBird Entertainment Inc. theyre also synonymous with beautiful Bird-Girls and beautiful birds. As the famous song by Irving Berlin says, "A pretty girl is like a melody." In this case, however, its the bird who does the singing. 

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