Souvenir Photos

We at Top-Bird provide keepsake photographs at theme parks, areas of national interest, and entertainment venues around the world. We provide services and products that enhance and extend the customer’s experience using state of the art Kodak digital imaging photo equipment.

On-site Printing
Top-Bird specializes in providing quality instant on-site photo printing at your venue at no extra cost to the organizer! At Top-Bird we use the very latest technology to full effect and this allows the guest to have their very own Kodak photo in their hand within 20 seconds of being taken.

Branding the Photographs
We also brand the photos as they are printed with your logo or event details.

Imagine this: Your guests arriving to find themselves greeted by the opportunity to interact with trained show quality parrots, and to take home a one-of-kind photographic keepsake framed with your company logo. Our photos are UV laminated so that they won’t fade for 100 years. That’s along time for your logo to live on.

Kodak Logo

It could be said that the advances in photography, and in digital photography in particular, have reallytaken off over the past few years. In the case of TopBird Entertainment, however, a more accurate terminology might be "taken flight."   

Always looking for new ways to bring unique entertainment experiences to his patrons and guests in casinos, hotels, cruise ships and the multitude of other places and attractions where his colorful, exotic birds perform and are displayed, Clint Carvalho, president and CEO of TopBird Entertainment, saw an opportunity that combined the immediacy of digital photography with the natural abilities of his large, free-flying birds.


To make it really work, however, Clint stepped back and assessed his own thoughts about his lifelong association with birds. "Even after all these years of working with them," he says, "I still get an invigorated when one of them flies and lands on my shoulders or my arm. I cant imagine the thrill that this must be for our guests, many of whom may never have seen an exotic bird up close before." This premise, combined with Clint's precept that his birds be interactive with humans, created an inexhaustible potential for "Kodak moments" that would last a lifetime.

Buoyed by the popularity of the digital camera phenomenon and inspired by his imaginative business sense, Clint purchased a full commercial Kodak digital imaging system that consisted of both multiple portable cameras that would be carried by the beautiful Bird-Girls as they and their birds moved through the various areas of the hotel or venue, and a stationary system that could be located in an open area or other allotted space. Regardless of placement, each system is capable of producing a beautiful full-color, edited, retouched and framed one-of-kind photograph on the spot and in a matter of seconds, with the longest time being 70 seconds for an 8"x10" print.  There is no cost to the venue for the program, but the rewards in good will, solid entertainment value, customer traffic, repeat business and cherished memories are priceless.  

While the photos can be still or action shots, Clint is very careful to see that its not just a staged, impersonal pose with the parrot factory-line approach. "We want each person to take home an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime memory," he enthuses, "so we capture the photo just before the bird lands. The expression on the patrons face, especially the children, is pure magic. " And thats what all of TopBirds programs are about. We create attractions that bring together humans and these majestic, free-flying birds and for just a few moments in this lifetime they are joined at the heart. Capturing the essence of those fleeting seconds in a photo allows them to live forever. We all need memories like that."

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