Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated with flight. Our efforts to take to the air throughout the centuries have been inspired, of course, by birds; whose soaring, graceful aerial maneuvers and long distance traveling have represented the ultimate freedom of body, mind and soul.

Fascinated with birds from an early age, Clint Carvalho, President and CEO of TopBird Entertainment, Inc. in Las Vegas, observed the behaviors of his constantly growing number of exotic birds and realized that they each had their own unique personalities and aptitudes. In training his feathered charges, he adapted these characteristics to what each bird liked to do and, utilizing a little out-of-the-box thinking, soon found himself surrounded by birds that talked, sang songs - sometimes

with a sound that was imperceptible from that of a human voice -- fetched objects and carried them through the air, played dead and many other distinctly un-birdlike activities. It wasn't long before the stages of Las Vegas and the world came knocking.

"What's important to understand," says Clint, "is that my shows are not bird shows, but one-of-a-kind shows with birds, magic, great music and lighting, eye-popping costumes and a seasoned performer, not an animal handler. Put all those elements together and you have a spectacular production that does not compete with animal shows or attractions because of the style and energy, the competition is really the people shows - the song and dance shows."

While working with and training his birds, Clint also noticed that some possessed a sense of the extreme and loved to show off their daredevil tendencies. "Birds perform very unique behaviors that no other animal can do," says Clint, "so I developed Extreme Parrots, a heart-stopping show of extraordinary birds who free-fall and swoop from tall buildings -- often wearing small cameras to give the audience a literal birds-eye-view of the action - and then negotiate mazes of long halls and doorways, skim the spectators heads and find me wherever I am inside. The birds and the audience have a ball!"

What's especially amazing, perhaps, is that every one of Clint's magnificent feathered creatures was at one time abandoned or abused by previous owners and has been given a new life through TopBird Entertainments own bird sanctuary and rehabilitation program, meticulous training and lots of tender loving care.

Overflowing with color, fun, live interaction and incredible educational value, Clint's one-of-a-kind shows and Extreme Parrot attractions are, by their very nature, adaptable to any stage, venue, language or audience and are seen round the world in a wide variety of live stage, television, film, theme park, special event, promotional and corporate appearances.

Regardless of where he and his exotic birds appear, Clint's excitement and contagious enthusiasm are unstoppable. "Every show has tons of fun and participation for every member of the audience," he says, "and no one ever leaves with the feeling that they've seen an animal show.  My goal is to make each show a spectacular, one-of-a-kind and memorable experience for everyone. "There's nothing else like it anywhere!"


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